Sniffe & Likkit Dry Shampoo is fast, fabulous and wonderfully fragrant, this 100% natural (no-rinse) powder shower contains a special blend of skin and fur-friendly organic powders to help draw out dirt and impurities, cleansing and refreshing to leave a smooth, silky soft fur-coat.  

  • Woodland Wonderfur™ 100% natural scent expertly blended with aroma-therapeutic essential oils renowned for calming & soothing properties
  • Petitgrain, cedarwood bark, vetiver, juniper berry & ho leaf
  • Multani mitti clay powder. A natural mineral powder rich in calcium that helps remove dirt & impurities
  • Oatmeal powder – renowned for soothing, nourishing & moisturising
  • Rye powder flour is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and omegas- good for healthy clean fur and soothing dry itchy skin
  • Arrowroot powder helps soothe skin and absorb excess odour
  • Bicarb Soda – antibacterial and helps absorb malodours   
  • Keep handy for a speedy clean in-between washes, or a quick spruce-up anytime.

    Sprinkle powder onto fur and gently massage into the coat avoiding the eyes and ears. Brush through, sniff and admire your clean fresh dog! 

    Suitable for all breeds and colours. 



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Sniffe & Likkit No Rinse Charming Dry Shampoo Powder Shower 90G

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